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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2005|10:47 pm]
Alright sorry for such late update. I've been REEEEAAAAL busy with school, and well one thing leads to another and I havent had the chance to tell you all of my trip, which was awesome btw. I'd love to tell you all more about it but I shared the same story so many times that I really don't want to say it again. Sorry, really, but eventually, when I'm in the mood I'll tell you all.

Well, over the course of time, I have begun to look as this LiveJournal as nothing more than a place where i can actually be all emo, because well, this is my journal and its what goes in on my head. What is on my head right now? People. Not just people in general though, whats in my mind is the people you help time after time. As I have grown older I have realized that people don't really appreciate other people's help, and discourage people to help them again, but for some reason, some people, such as me, help them again and again and expect not even a simple "thank you". That is what worries me. Why must I always help people even though I know the people I help will eventually forget about what I did for them? Guess it's just the way I am. Anyways, just wanted to write that so I could look back after a year or more, and tell myself "Damn...i was an angry lil emo boy". Ttyl.
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Farewell everyone! [Aug. 10th, 2005|12:59 am]
NO! I'm not CRAAAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIN, but I would like to say good bye to everyone here. Today (Wednesday)I will depart to San Antonio, and then from there to Houston so we can reach Paris. From Paris, we are going to several places in France, then we are going to Germany. We will be attending the Caholic conference called "World Youth Day" where hopefully, we'll see the new Pope, "Darth Benedict". I hope everything goes fine and we come back safely, and if I don't come back, I want you all to know I love you all =P. Well, i know everything is gonn be alright anyways, and please keep us in your prayers, and if you don't pray to anything or anyone, please keep us in mind while in our trip. Thanks, and God bless everyone ;) I'll come back the 22nd with bunch of pics! I also hope to be able to post while I'm over there. Well, cya all laters.
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Hey everyone! [Aug. 7th, 2005|01:09 am]
Wow this is the first time in a long while that I post something twice in a row. I really felt like typing sharing to you all how I feel for some strange reason. I'll talk about yesterday first. I don't remember what I did....oh wait, I ddo remember, but very little. I woke up around 12:15. After waking up I took a shower and was on the computer till about 5:15. I then changed, and left to Daily mass. After daily mass, I came back to my house after picking up a donation of $500 for our trip with the church. I changed into shorts and a baller's tee and went to the park to play some basketball with my friends. There was tons of people at the park because it was the "End of Summer Band Camp Park Celebration thingy". It wa skinda bad seeing a bunch of band people, since most of them are VERY annoying. However, there are always exceptions to every rule. After a couple of games, me and my friends went to drink soem water. So it happens it was at the same time they were serving hot dogs to the band people. My friends were talking about "oh dare me to get in line or what?";however, me, being one of those people that dare themselves without being dared first said "I'll do it, look.". I got in line to get served, and after that it was as if all of the mom's serving already knew me. After I took my two hot dogs and frito pie, my friends and me went up to the basketball courts and sat next to this two girls. The 3 of my friends ate one hot dog, while I ate the other one. I offered the Frito Pie to the two girls, but they both said no. While I was eating, I began conversing with the two girls, and they seemed pretty nice. They were very friendly, and I think I coulda got their names and stuff but I phail when it comes to girls (yes I still do) and thought about it too late. My brother came to pick me up and take me to the mall (yes all sweaty and stuff). There we went to Dillard's and I bought some pants, and a shirt. We got home and I found out the SOCOM 3 beta had got here, so I immediatly disconnected my ps2 brought it to the computer room and set it up, when I realized there was one problem: I didn't have the Network Adapter. I looked for it, but failed. I even for a cut in my finger and stuff! After that, I did the mosquitoe hunting, and then my MSN didn't want to work, so I went to sleep.

Lol How about today?Collapse )
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David vs Mosquitoe (lol no Goliath XD) [Aug. 6th, 2005|01:59 am]
Now this happend tonight, like around 1:30. I typed this story around 1:45-1:50 while I was chatting on MSN, and its all based on a true story, well, actually, it is a TRUE story. However, names had to be changed to ensure the privacy of those involved...or not.

It was a cold, lonely night for David A. Chapa, everything was going alright when out of no where, was if the devil himself planned it, Evelyn instant messaged David. They started conversing when randomly, a mosquito flew infront of the screen. David was mad. He was enfuriated, and immediatly got up from his seat. He muttered a few words, softly so no one would hear them but him and the mosquito, the words were "damn you lil fucker". David tried to look for the mosquito but David did not have enough Vitamin A in his body to see in the dark room. He immediatly ran for the switch, and turned the lights on. He shut the door as hard as he could and said "Now....let's dance!". David would see the mosquito every now and then, but the BEAST was too fast for David. David thought he was hopeless. The mosquito came from the left behind the old computer. David got scared of the animal, and immediatly tried to "crush" it between his hands; however, David missed. David tried to follow it with his eyes, but the smart creature camouflaged itself with David's shadow, and eventually David lost sight.

David immediatly backedup against the door trying to find the darn animal. He would look, and fail. Whenever he would see the animal, he'd loose track of it. He saw the mosquito near the window's curtain, and David moved in slowly. The mosquito followed the wall, and got close to the right wall near the speakers and David's dimplomas. David ran and tried to hit the mosquito, but his aim was horribly off. The mosquito escaped in a rush, and to a safe place. It took approximetly another five minutes for David to spot the furius insect. He saw it on the left wall, near the phone. David smirked. He knew he had to put his best effort and end it all right here. He moved in and slapped the wall as hard as he could, but the mosquitoe dodged the attack! David stood confused, and followed the now tired mosquitoe with his eyes. The mosquitoe hid between the phone and the wall. David immeaditly realized his chance and went for the "Phone Slam" but the mosquitoe again dodged the attack. It was here David knew the mosquitoe was out of it. It was exhausted, David then simple hit the wall with...

...all his might stainding the wall with the mosquitoe's blood. David laughed, and said "who is the bitch now?!". He then looked for the body to make sure his prey was 100% dead. David found the body, and immeaditly did a happy dance. He picked up the body carefully and with great respect with a piece of paper, and then disposed of the body in a honorful manner. Thus here ends this sad drama, of David and the mosquitoe. I hope it affects you as much as it did me, and you all never give up hope, and NEVER understimate the smallest creature. Peace out.

Well, that was it, I hope you all liked it, stay tuned as I will update soon, before Wednesday with a surprise. ^__^
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wow randomness at its best! [Jul. 16th, 2005|01:00 am]
Well, I was asked earlier this week if I could go to a party on this Friday to play as a DJ and put on some music for the party. Well, today was Friday, and I went to the party after I went to the warehouse to do some cheap labor. Anyways, at the party, it started out pretty fun. My brother and me were laughing at the people that came in and stuff, then his gf came with my mom and sister, and he then ignored me like all the time. My brother then took off and left me in charge of the music along with the company of my sister. My sister and me were singing to some songs, and stuff like that. After a while we were tired, and bored and it looked like the party was going nowheres. Then people started to dance with I put something on by the Kumbia Kings, and then I started playing some more cumbia and ****BEWARE EXTREME RANDOMNESS ENSUES AFTER THIS***** a goose came throught the gate and started dancing! Yes, you read right, a goose. Out of the blue it came in to the dance floor from the outside. It started dancing and stuff like that, everyone started taking pics and stuff. After like 5 minutes, they lead him outside th gate and they closed it. The goose stayed there behind the gate to my left staring at different objects and usually looking at me. I, with my Duck Speaking abilities, was able to communicate somehow with the duck, and we would talk every so often. Sometimes, he didn't feel like talking back to me. After the cumbias, I put on some cd's with a bunch of Disco music, the old people seem to enjoy it quite alot. I took the time there to capture a picture with the goose. After some time with disco, my mom was complaining to me that they wanted more cumbias, and im like "uh i dont have any more"* (look below for backstory) Anyways, I finally gave in into their demands, and played the same kumbias I had played earlier. They didnt even dance this time though, then everyone started leaving. I played some random reggeaton cause no one seemed to care anyways. The lady who told me to come then told me I could start putting everything away, but I didn't do that until like 15 minutes later. Anyways, I ended up packing, everything except the laptop cause I stayed chatting with some people. Then this old guy who was at the party told me the goose wouldnt probably leave unless I go inside the house (in other words, he didnt want me outside..what an ass) Ok, so then I just got home, and decided to post about this because well, I will never forget this night. A goose? Who would have ever though of such a thing?!

BACKSTORY: The reason I didn't have enough music was because my mom had told me all the lady wanted was 70's music. So I didn't worry about it too much and decided to just take cd's. Turns out that before like an hour before we leave, she tells me that if I have every type of music, and i was like "uh no?" an. So then I still needed to shower, and pack everything. I ended up taking a shower, and finished packing and had like 15 minutes to make a cd. I put on any random songs I could find in this computer and my old one, and just burned it. Anyways, I don't see why she got mad at me, when it was obviously her fault >_
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(no subject) [Jul. 14th, 2005|08:45 pm]
Well here's Thursday the 14 of July and I'm proud to announce that today was my last day of Summer School! =D

Finally, the no more annoying teacher, no more needless drawing, and waking up at 7:30 every morning! The only bad thing is that I now have to go to SUmemr Camp at the Church to help out, but thats alright cause according to the hours I do in it, I get money for our Germany Trip, which by the way, its already coming this August! =D Well, The other reason I'm updating is because I told Monica I'd update yesterday and today, but I forgot about yesterday so I ain't letting her down today. Thanks! and have a good night ;)
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OK, this works! [Jun. 10th, 2005|03:14 pm]
Heh i'd figrued they would have BALEETED my acount already but I guess not. Hmm...so how goes it? Everything's cool with me. Sumer vacation, summer school, waking up early, etc

oh yea, go here and ifll it out...its pretty cool http://www.crush007.com/love.cgi?id=1118428795dtj

it predicts your love life or something...heh i still have my hopes up ;)
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(no subject) [Dec. 27th, 2004|11:17 pm]

Eh well, Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year's! ^__^
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If you ever think of suicice listen to this song: [Oct. 1st, 2004|07:58 pm]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |Christian Rock]

ThousandFootKrutch - Last Words

Verse 1
Dear loved one please listen
This might be the last chance I get
I’m sorry I left you
I’m living in a world of regret
Don’t cry if you can hear me
I never meant to hurt you, dearly
I’m so wrong sincerely
Don’t stop take life seriously.

Chorus 1
These are the last words
I’m ever gonna get to say to you
When everything falls away from you
Take these words and know the world
Is not worth leaving.

Verse 2
There’s so much I’ve done wrong
Since I left it hit me so strong
Take my hand and let’s walk through
All the times I’ve lied and hurt you
Those people, please love them
Don’t hate them, we’re not above them
You can everything but have nothing
Listen I’ve got to tell you something.

Chorus 2
These are the last words
I’m ever gonna get to say to you
When everything falls away from you
Take these words and know the world
Is not worth leaving.
Last words
I’ll really get to say to you
So listen very carefully
To what I’m saying
Life is more than just the games you’re playing

If there was ever one thing
I could ever get across to you
I’d tell you not to say the things you do
And tell my mother that I love her too
No matter what life pulls ya through (NO)
You’ve got what it takes to make it through
And if I was you I’d get down on my knees and pray
Thank God in the morning for another day

Cause these are the…(to Chorus 2)

Life is more than just the games you’re playing

(I dunno what song means or the what it stands for, but it made sense to me that the song was someone who was dead talking to someone who was thinking about suicide. I dunno, the possiblities are endless.)
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Word Count [Sep. 22nd, 2004|04:15 pm]
Taken from Lena :p

chapastyle's Word Usage
1. i (452) 26. all (62) 51. at (33) 76. little (23)
2. the (351) 27. i'm (59) 52. do (32) 77. here (23)
3. to (338) 28. what (57) 53. oh (32) 78. see (23)
4. and (287) 29. up (53) 54. as (31) 79. more (22)
5. bored (239) 30. be (51) 55. people (31) 80. there (22)
6. a (213) 31. time (51) 56. post (31) 81. much (22)
7. my (155) 32. don't (50) 57. your (30) 82. first (22)
8. is (129) 33. not (50) 58. anyways (30) 83. family (22)
9. of (126) 34. from (47) 59. everyone (30) 84. who (22)
10. was (125) 35. she (46) 60. back (29) 85. if (21)
11. it (112) 36. well (46) 61. they (29) 86. talk (21)
12. you (107) 37. his (42) 62. even (29) 87. crowd (21)
13. david (105) 38. going (42) 63. no (29) 88. them (20)
14. this (101) 39. her (42) 64. when (28) 89. right (20)
15. that (100) 40. he (41) 65. after (28) 90. two (20)
16. in (88) 41. some (39) 66. show (28) 91. because (20)
17. so (85) 42. about (37) 67. had (28) 92. it's (20)
18. like (82) 43. one (37) 68. get (27) 93. know (20)
19. me (81) 44. then (37) 69. good (26) 94. man (20)
20. but (77) 45. are (36) 70. just (26) 95. down (20)
21. for (76) 46. out (35) 71. make (24) 96. how (19)
22. with (73) 47. night (35) 72. now (24) 97. monica (19)
23. we (63) 48. go (34) 73. today (24) 98. funny (18)
24. on (63) 49. evelyn (34) 74. got (24) 99. last (18)
25. have (62) 50. late (34) 75. were (23) 100. year (18)
Word Count by Hutta.
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